African Hawk-Eagle
Aquila (Hieraaetus) spilogaster
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The African hawk-eagle is an eagle of open country, often seen near water where it hunts other birds that come to drink. The upper adult in flight was photographed in Silale swamp (2-16), courtesy of Paul Oliver. The left 2nd row pair was photographed at Ruaha 11-08), courtesy of Skyler Russell; the right 2nd row and lower birds, at Tarangire (5-10); all the other adults, at Nanja Dam (6-06). Click the left lower adult to see several enlargements. The juvenile in flight (Arusha NP, 3-16) is courtesy of Emily Carter Mitchell.
The juvenile in the lower three photos was seen at Lake Eyasi (4-10), courtesy of Nani Schmeling; the ID was debated as follows. Juvenile Ayre's and African hawk-eagles are similar. Suggestive of Ayre's is the pale scaling on the back and the pale breast and area behind the eye. Suggestive of African is the lack of a crest, the streaking on the upper breast and the pale, almost absent, barring on the tail.


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