Dark Chanting Goshawk
Melierax metabates
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The dark chanting goshawk is medium-sized and grey with fine barring on the belly, red cere and legs and brown eyes. The juveniles and immatures have a grey and white barred rump which separates them from the otherwise similar immature pale chanting goshawk (see right upper photo) and yellow eyes. These birds were photographed in the Serengeti (row 1, immatures, 6-02; row 2 right & row 3, courtesy of Steve Kraus, 6-08, Tom Nicholls, 2-08, & Roger Zimmerman, 2-08)), Wami-Mbiki (row 2 left, 5-11, courtesy of Tony Evans), and Lake Eyasi (row 4, left, 11-11, courtesy of Chris Schmeling & row 4 right, 7-08). The left flight photo is courtesy of Siegfried Woldhek (Ndutu, 5-15); the right, courtesy of Marie-France Grenouillet. Click the photo above to see enlargements that include a nest, chicks, immatures, and flight photos.
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