African Cuckoo Hawk
Aviceda cuculoides
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The African cuckoo hawk is a slender, short-crested raptor with long wings that reach almost to the tail tip. The top photo is courtesy of Olivier Hamerlynck. The 2nd row photos were taken at Magongo Hill (near Arusha, 10-05), courtesy of Anabel Harries. The left 3rd row flight and right bottom photos are courtesy of Riaan Marais. The left 4th row photo was taken at Bonamanzi, KwaZulu-Natal (1-09), courtesy of Mike Graham. The right 4th row juvenile was seen at Emayani (8-11), courtesy of Colin Beale. The left bottom bird was seen in Arusha NP (7-13), courtesy of Per Holmen; click it to see six enlargements. The other photos were taken at Pembe Abwe (3rd row right, 7-10) and Tarangire (7-10).
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