Racket-tailed Roller
Coracias spatulatus
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The upper six photos of racket-tailed rollers were taken in the Suledo Forest (5-08). Note the blue breast and throat with faint lilac streaks. The 4th row photos were taken in Ruaha (11-14), courtesy of Ethan Kinsey; and the 5th row bird, also in Ruaha (8-13). The 6th row photos are race weigalii, taken at Lake Manze-Selous (7-12), courtesy of Shaun Wells; and Beho Beho Camp-Selous (9-12), courtesy of Walter Jubber: note the appearance of weigalii is similar to the lilac-breasted roller. Note: some consider weigalii an immature nominate and others a possible hybrid with lilac-breasted roller.
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