Thick-billed Seed-eater
Crithagra (Serinus) burtoni
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The upper two photos of a thick-billed seed-eater are courtesy of Paul Oliver; the 3rd & 4th row photos were taken at Gibbs Farm (1-14); the 5th row photos, in the Engusero Sambu Forest-Loliondo (5-20); the 6th row, in Mt. Meru Forest (11-07); the right 7th row and left 8th row photos, in Ngorongoro (1-11); the right lower, in Kibungo (Rwanda, 8-10) is courtesy of Jason Anderson. The others were taken in Olasiti and the Meru and Ngorongoro forests. Characteristic is the dark brown color, narrow buff wing bars and olive-green-edged primaries.
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