White-backed Vulture
Gyps africanus
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The white rump of the white-backed vulture is seen when the wings are spread or when flying (slideshow photo #1). It is overall light brown with dark eyes, face and legs. The upper photos were taken in Ruaha (1-12) and Ndutu (1-11), both courtesy of Stuart Webb. The mating pair was seen in the Serengeti (1-09). The immature (row 4) was seen in Mikumi (11-03); the juvenile (right lower), in Tarangire (10-04); the others, in Tarangire, Lobo, Soitorgoss, Hwange NP (Zimbabwe) and Nyamalumbwa. Click here to see a large mixed group of white-backed, hooded and Rüppell's vultures batheing and drying in the Serengeti (6-06). Click the photo above to see a series of enlargements. The three Tanzania Bird Atlas maps show range changes over the past 15 years.

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