Zebra (Orange-breasted) Waxbill
Amandava (Sporaeginthus) subflavus
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The orange-yellow breast and belly with olive flank stripes in both sexes are diagnostic of the zebra waxbill. The flight photo was taken in the Iringa Highlands (11-14), courtesy of Paul Oliver. The 2nd and 3rd row photos were taken in Mkumbara (9-10), courtesy of Valéry Schollaert. The flock in a bush was seen in Itulu Hills (1-11), courtesy of Jason Anderson. Tha male in the aloe was photographed in Sumbawanga (1-11), courtesy of Silas Olofson and the pair in the bottom photos was seen on the Kilombero Floodplain (2-13), courtesy of Karine Van der Vurst.
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