Tanzanian Birds & Butterflies

This website displays 10,000+ photos of 959 Tanzanian bird species and 196 butterfly species. Most photos were taken in Tanzania; some, in other countries where ranges cross borders. The site may be searched from a list of common names, by taxonomic order or by using the search box.

There are links to distribution maps from the Tanzania Bird Atlas and/or breeding range maps from The Copenhagen Database of the Zoological Museum at the University of Copenhagen. There are also links to xeno-canto and Macaulay Library bird calls.

Considerable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of bird and butterfly identifications. If you question an identification, please let us know through our contact email at the bottom of this page.

Most of the photographs in the butterfly section are courtesy of Trude Peterson and Colin Beale. This section includes a page of thumbnail photos to help with identification. Enjoy!



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