Black Heron (Egret)
Egretta ardesiaca
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The black heron stalks fish and crustaceans by spreading its wings like an umbrella which may allow it to see better without reflection and/or may provide the shade that its prey seeks. The yellow feet and lower legs may also attract prey. Sometimes it jumps up (#10 in the slideshow) as it is spreading the umbrella. The top photo (Lake Manyara, 11-16) is courtesy of Linda Bushman. The next two photos are courtesy of Marie-France Grenouillet. The 4th row and right 5th row photos were taken in Chobe NP (Botswana, 3-16), courtesy of Brad Johnson. The left 5th row bird was seen at Lake Manyara (4-15), courtesy of Per Holmen. The bird in the acacia tree was at Lake Manyara (3-17), courtesy of Karine Van der Vurst. The photo of the standing pair was taken in Saadani, NP, courtesy of Tembo Kijani Lodge staff; the walking pair, at Lake Eyasi (11-11), courtesy of Paul Oliver.
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