Black Heron (Egret)
Egretta ardesiaca
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The black heron stalks fish and crustaceans by spreading its wings like an umbrella which may allow it to see better without reflection and/or may provide the shade that its prey seeks. The yellow feet and lower legs may also attract prey. Sometimes it jumps up as it is spreading the umbrella. The top photo (Lake Manyara, 11-16) is courtesy of Linda Bushman. The next two photos are courtesy of Marie-France Grenouillet. The 4th row and right 5th row photos were taken in Chobe NP (Botswana, 3-16), courtesy of Brad Johnson. The left 5th row bird was seen at Lake Manyara (4-15), courtesy of Per Holmen. The next 2 photos were taken at Lake Manyara (1-18). The bird in the acacia tree was also at Lake Manyara (3-17), courtesy of Karine Van der Vurst. The photo of the standing pair was taken in Saadani NP, courtesy of Tembo Kijani Lodge staff; the walking pair, at Lake Eyasi (11-11), courtesy of Paul Oliver.
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