Ashy Starling
Lamprotornis (Cosmopsarus) unicolor
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The ashy starling is an East African endemic, found in open and wooded grassland with baobab trees. Two photos of partial albinoes are included with the enlargements. The nest with eggs was in Yaida Valley in a Commiphora mollis about 1.5 m off the ground on the main trunk. Nesting material included fine roots and a shed cobra skin. The local Hadza said that the starling eggs are always light green/blue but that sometimes there is also a white one as in the photo above (a greater honeyguide egg?); click the photo to see the enlargements. Click the top photo for more fight images. The 4th row photo (Tarangire, 10-15) is courtesy of Michael Oates. Except for the nest/eggs, all of the photos above were taken in Tarangire NP; the right lower photo is courtesy of Steve Dolberg.
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