Zanzibar Red Bishop
Euplectes nigroventris
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The Zanzibar red bishop is separated from other red bishops by being almost completely black below and having an entirely red crown and forehead; some inland birds have a red throat (6th row, Pangani river near Nyumba ya Mungu, courtesy of Paul Oliver). The upper photo (Nguu Mountains, 5-22) is courtesy of Per Holmen. The 2nd row male with a termite (1-13) and the female on a nest (3-11), were in Dar es Salaam, both courtesy of Anne Outwater. The bottom two photos (Mbagala-Dar es Salaam, 11-20) are courtesy of Prashant Ghorpade. All other photos were taken at Ushongo or the nearby Msumbugwe forest.
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