Gabar Goshawk
Melierax (Micronisus) gabar
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The gabar goshawk is smaller (36 cm) than the similar dark-chanting goshawk (56 cm). The 2nd row dark morph and the 3rd and 4th row juveniles raiding weaver nests (Mbuyuni Farm near Morogoro) are courtesy of Kim Axmann; The left lower photo (Magongo Hill near Arusha) is courtesy of Anabel Harries. The top bird was seen in Tarangire; the right lower adult, in Mkomazi NP; the right middle adult, also Mkomazi, courtesy of Stuart Webb; the left middle juvenile, in the Serengeti, courtesy pf Paul Oliver. The juvenile in flight was photographed at Lake Chala, courtesy of Lyn Waltenberg. The superb starlings mobbing a goshawk that had stolen a chick from a nest were in Tarangire, courtesy of Stuart Webb; images #2-4 in the enlargements show more of the mobbing.
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