Grey Kestrel
Falco ardosiaceus
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These images of grey kestrels show the tail extends beyond the wingtips, one of the features that distinguish it from the sooty falcon. The upper right photo was taken in Kitangire (6-18). The immatures (the two 2nd row photos: left, Lake Manyara, 6-06; right, Tarangire, 3-08) have a brown wash but are otherwise similar to adults. Juveniles show blue skin around the eye (see slideshow photo #2). The 3rd row adult in flight was seen in Katavi (10-10), courtesy of Steve Windels. The left 4th row flight photo (Ukerewe Island, 6-17) is courtesy of Leif Rydell. All the other photos were taken in Tarangire. Click the photo above to see 16 enlargements.

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