Black Saw-wing
Psalidoprocne (Pristoptera) holomelas
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The black saw-wing is a large (15 cm) swallow with grey-brown underwing coverts. The left upper image was taken at Maji Moto 7-11), courtesy of Colin Beale; the right upper, at Arusha NP (4-03), courtesy of Paul Oliver. The center photos were taken in Magamba FR (left, 12-13) and Arusha NP (2-14); the right lower photo, at Kibale NP (Uganda, 1-10), courtesy of Karine Van der Vurst; and the left lower, West Kilimanjaro (5-12). The slideshow includes immatures and adults; the adults have a deeply forked tail which immatures lack; click the right lower photo to see 8 enlargements.
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