Nubian Woodpecker
Campethera nubica
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The Nubian woodpecker is a northeast African endemic. The enlargements include several color variations. The red and yellow colors come from food, carotenoids, and if the birds do not get enough or the color fades too fast, red turns yellow. For more comments on pigment, click Safari Ecology link. The upper photo was taken at Enduimet (6-20), courtesy of Bob Kasworm; the 2nd row photos (Mkomazi, 8-23) are courtesy of Kim Axmann. The other photos were taken at Lake Eyasi, Tarangire NP, ArushaNP, Lake Manyara NP, Ndutu and Ruaha NP. Click the photo above to see 23 enlargements which include beige-throated, dark-faced and yellow-headed variants.
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