Eastern Black-headed Batis
Batis minor
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The eastern or coastal race suahelicus black-headed batis is seen in coastal scrub and drier areas inland; western race erlangeri, in open woodland. The nest was photographed at Lake Nzerekere (Selous), courtesy of Frazer Gear. The 2nd and 3rd row females were photographed at Emayani; the 4th row females at Mkomazi (right) and Mkumbara (left), both courtesy of Valéry Schollaert; and the 5th & 6th rows, near Mkomazi, courtesy of Per Holmen. The males (7th row and left 8th row) were photographed at Lake Chala, courtesy of Lyn Waltenberg; 9th row, Fish Eagle Point and Mkomazi, courtesy of Per Holmen; and the bottom photos, Gunga-Pangani River.

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