Augur Buzzard
Buteo augur
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The augur buzzard is seen in mountain country, including forest, agricultural and urban areas. In the adults note the short reddish, non-barred tail, the distinct dark trailing wing edge and the typical dark "comma" on the white wing. The juvenile landing on a branch (Oldonyo Sambu, 5-15) is courtesy of Stephan Schramm. The dark morph in row 5 (Ngorongoro Crater, 11-16) is courtesy of Linda Bushman. The other photos were taken in Arusha NP, Ilboru, Ngorongoro Crater, Oldonyo Sambu, Oldupai, Lake Manyara, TGT-Arusha, Gol Mountains and Ndutu. The immature (bottom left) is courtesy of Steve Brynes. Click the photo above to see enlargements which include displays, nests, chicks, a juvenile, immatures, and dark and light morphs. Click the links to the right for mating and nest photos.

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