Wattled Crane
Bugeranus (Grus) carunculatus
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The wattled crane is a globally threatened species due habitat loss from river dams and the wild bird trade with an estimated 200 birds remaining in natural habitat. In Tanzania it is found in the wetlands of the south. The upper four photos were taken in Kafue NP (Zambia, 4-16); the left 3rd row photo, in the Okavango delta (Botswana, 3-16); The right, in Malagarasi (11-16); the top photo is courtesy of Brad Johnson. The right lower photo was taken in Lukula (Selous, 7-10), courtesy of Mark Johnson. The left 5th row photo was taken at Koga River-Ugalla GR (SA); the right 5th row photo, at Lake Nyamagoma-Moyowosi GR near Kigoma (8-11), both courtesy of Mike Beckner. The other photos were taken at the International Crane Foundation (Baraboo, Wisconsin, USA, 8-07); click the left lower photo to see nine enlargements.
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