African Paradise Flycatcher
Terpsiphone viridis
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The African paradise flycatcher has white and rufous color morphs plus variations in between. The left upper immature was seen at Simba Farm-West Kilimanjaro (6-18). The right 2nd row (West Kilimanjaro-Simba Farm, 2-18) and right 3rd row (Kudu Hills Lodge-Moshi, 2-18) photos are courtesy of Michael Harris. The leucistic bird on nest was photographed on Laikipia Road near Nanyuki, Kenya (1-07), courtesy of Stuart Webb. The other leucistic bird was seen in Mkomazi NP (3-18), courtesy of Kim Axmann. The 6th row photo was taken at Kisema Ngeda (2-21). The 8th and 9th row photos of the flycatcher chasing a von der Decken's hornbill (Tarangire, 2-16) are courtesy of Paul Oliver. Click photo above to see 29 photos that include nests, eggs, chicks, fledges, leucistic morphs and adults in breeding plumage.
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