African Jacana
Actophilornis africanus
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The African jacana's long toes allow it to walk on vegetation where it gleans insect larvae, crustaceans, sometimes small fish. It is widespread and common on freshwater lakes and ponds. The mating jacanas were photographed in Tarangire (4-12). The 3rd row immature (Lake Naivasha, 2-17) is courtesy of Karine Van der Vurst; note the grey frontal shield. The top photo was taken in Lake Manyara NP (10-15), courtesy of Michael Oates. The other photos were taken at Lake Manyara, TPC-Moshi, Tarangire, Chobe NP (Botswana) and Kafue NP (Zambia). Click the photo above to see 25 enlargements including chicks, juveniles and immatures.
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