Common Ostrich
Struthio camelus
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The major ostrich hen and several minor hens lay their eggs in a single nest which the major incubates. The chicks hatch in about six weeks and are out of the nest in three to four days. The 2nd row egg ws in the Serengeti, courtesy of Ethan Kinsey. The 3rd and 4th row photos were taken in Silale swamp; the 5th row females, also in Tarangire. The drinking females were near the Tarangire Safari Lodge (10-17); click it to see a video of the same scene with giraffe. The bottom photo (Ngorongoro Crater, 2-08), is courtesy of Fain Zimmerman; click it to see a slideshow that includes photos of a major hen incubating, eggs, chicks and a nursery, as well as juveniles and adults. The 7th and 8th row photos are of of a mating pair (Ngrorogoro, 7-12); click them to see a series which shows the pair running, the male about 30 meters behind the female. The female stopped and the male dropped to the ground and rolled his head, neck and body back and forth (images 1-8) while the female stood with wings extended, slowly flagging (images 9 & 10). The male rose, ran about 10 meters toward the female, dropped to the ground and repeated the display three times. The female then dropped to the ground, the male mounted her and again repeated the back and forth head and neck motions during copulation (images 13 23).
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