Lilac-breasted Roller
Coracias caudatus
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The photo above of a "lilac-throated" roller, the lilac--breasted subspecies lorti, was taken in the northern corridor of the Serengeti (2-11), courtesy of Pam Henline; the southern end of its range normally is northern Kenya. The top photo (Ruaha, 1-12) is courtesy of Stuart Webb. The large flight photo is courtesy of Andrew Browning. The upper adult and immature (Tarangire, 5-16) is courtesy of Kim Axmann; the roller with the frog is courtesy of Brad Johnson; the roller with the grasshopper is courtesy of Stacy Fong. The juvenile and immature in the 7th row were both seen in Tarangire. The enlargements include another lorti, a mating pair and a fledge; chicks and fledglings have a bright yellow-orange eye-ring. Click the photo above to see the enlargements.
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