Golden-breasted Starling
Cosmopsarus (Lamprotornis) regius
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The golden-breasted starling is an East African endemic, usually seen in dry bush country in northeastern Tanzania. The upper two photos were taken in Tsavo NP (11-10), courtesy of Anabel Harries; the 3rd row (Samburu, 1-17), courtesy of Karine Van der Vurst; the 4th and 5th row photos, at Moshi (2-18), courtesy of Michael Harris; and the left 6th, Mererani (10-21), courtesy Per Holmen; right 6th roe, Nyumba ya Mungu (3-12), courtesy of Paul Oliver; and the 8th & 9th rows, Usambaras (8-20) and Maasai Steppe (2-23), courtesy Per Holmen. The starling in the 2 bottom photos (kidapash, 12-22) was feeding young in a hole nest in a dead snag in the water .
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