Scarlet-chested Sunbird
Chalcomitra senegalensis
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The scarlet-chested sunbird has a blue or green throat which can be difficult to see and which distinguishes it from Hunter's sunbird. The 3rd row photo (Lake Nakuru, 1-17) is courtesy of Karine Van der Vurst; the 4th row (Kisongo, 7-15), courtesy Paul Oliver; the 7th and 8th row (Mbuyuni Farm-Morogoro, courtesy of Kim Axmann. The other photos were taken in Mwiba, TGT-Arusha, Ndutu, Morogoro, Emayani and Tarangire. Click the photo above to see 32 enlargements: the first eight enlargements are of a pair building a nest and then feeding young in Olasiti (6-08).

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