Wire-tailed Swallow
Hirundo smithii
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Adult wire-tailed swallows have a glossy blue sheen and a bright chestnut cap. The immatures and juveniles are a dull steel blue with a dull brown cap and no tail wires. Note the black on the lower flanks that almost makes a band across the vent. The top photo (Kakesio, 3-13) is courtesy of Paul Oliver. The left 2nd row photo was taken at Lobo (2-07), courtesy of Michael Lund Markussen. The flight photo was taken near Moshi (10-08), courtesy of Anabel Harries. The other photos were taken at Pembe Abwe, Silale swamp, Ndutu, Lake Manyara and Kafue NP (Zambia). Click the photo above to see enlargements including a nest, juveniles and immatures.
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