Red-billed Firefinch
Lagonosticta senegala
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The identifying feature of the male red-billed firefinch is the partially red bill. Jameson's and African firefinches have black bills. The upper photo of a juveniles and an adult was taken at Machame (7-16), courtesy of Bob Kasworm. The 3rd row mating pair (Usa River, 7-20)is courtesy of Christie Reeves. The 3rd row firefinch feeding a juvenile village indigobird which parasitizes the firefinch (Ngaramtoni, 2-15) is courtesy of Hanna Nyman. The 4th row female and juvenile were at TGT-Arusha (11-19). The 5th row pair was seen in Usa River (11-03); the 6th row, in Kisongo (7-15) and the 7th row, Arusha (11-17), both courtesy of Paul Oliver. The lower photo was taken at Ushongo (4-06); click it to see 30 enlargements including a nest, juveniles, immatures and sub-adults.
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