Magpie (Pied) Mannikin
Lonchura (Spermestes) fringilloides
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The magpie mannikin is the largest mannikin (11 cm). Similar to the bronze mannikin, it has a heavier bill and rufous markings in the flanks. The upper bird was seen in Hondo Hondo (10-11), courtesy of Valéry Schollaert. The 2nd row bird was near Moshe (4-15), courtesy of Phil Stouffer. The 3rd row bird was photographed in Udzungwa NP (2-20), courtesy of Per Holmen. The group in the feeder includes magpie mannikins on the left and right rear; the others are bronze. Note the black nape in the magpie mannikins, brown in the bronze. These birds were photographed in Oribi Gorge near Port Shepstone, KZN (3-10), courtesy of Mike Graham. The flock in the lower photo was seen at Ras Kilima (12-10), courtesy of Riaan Marais.
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